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Hi, my name is Greg Jeffries.

I've been involved in internet marketing now for over a decade now.

And in the last 5 years I've been making money by publishing simple courses to various online course marketplaces, which has generated me multiple five figures each year in passive income.

I've tried dozens of different ways to make money online in my time online...and in doing so have flushed thousands of dollars down the toilet (that I couldn't really afford to lose) by doing things I hoped would work, or paying for expensive tools, services, and mentor services.

Through all my learning curves I've always come back to digital information products...because they work. And also, because it's so simple to get started and also very easy to scale.

In all this time I've been publishing courses, I found that surprisingly not that many other marketers that I knew of were doing the same thing...

And hardly no one else was teaching and sharing this with the internet marketing community...

So, I decided to sit down and walk you step-by-step through my exact process of how I go about creating these courses from scratch.

This is something that ANYBODY can do. And the tools you'll need to get started are very minimal.

Aside from a few inexpensive tools, I don't spend money on anything else like paid traffic.

And, once you start publishing these simple courses, you can just sit back as these passive income machines do all the work and start bringing you in monthly commissions.

Again, this is something that has been working for me now for over 5 years, so if you're worried and wondering is this something that's still going to be around in a couple more years? I'd say absolutely.

And I believe it will only get bigger and bigger.

Here are some of my results...

Some of the results generated with just ONE
of my proprietary strategies...


"When it comes to knowledge and practical application Greg Jeffries is as good as it gets in the internet marketing space. Having the pleasure of meeting up with Greg and picking his brain for a few hours I was left with a lot of great ideas and a notebook full of concepts that I began to apply in my business. If you are looking for a guide/mentor to help you in your internet marketing journey you are in safe hands with Greg!"

Jason Bracht -

"I have known Greg since early 2011 and we have talked often over the past 6 years, and shared strategies and marketing advice with each other. If you stuck a gun to my head and asked me what Greg is like as a person I would have to sum him up by saying he is a straight shooter, a guy who has a strong sense of fairness. His distaste of hype, scams and anything that rips people off is very evident.

What I love about Greg's products is that he has the incredible knack of being able to break information down into very simple bite-sized steps that anyone with an ounce of motivation can do. His products are actionable, and you can bet that if he has published it then he has done it - and knows it works.

My core business revolves around Youtube videos and even I was able to learn some very powerful tips and tricks to boost my money-making ability from one of the courses in the membership backoffice.

The courses and money-making information you will discover inside the IMSource Academy would cost you thousands of dollars on the open market, if you could find it. For about $3 a day the IMSource Academy is incredibly good value for money. When you couple that with Greg's personal support and attention, I think the price is a steal."

Haydn Stevenson Co-founder of and

"I've learned a lot from all the content Greg produces on a regular basis, he is a huge "jack of all trades" when it comes to internet marketing knowledge. I highly recommend checking out IMSource Academy for those who are looking to step up their game for earning income online."

John Shea -

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